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    Epoxy Rivertables stand out as unique pieces of furniture, highlighting the inherent beauty of timber. Each Rivertable possesses its own distinct shape and individual characteristics, making it an exclusive addition to any space. The expert craftsmanship involves skillfully polishing the resin, which provides a clear view of the live edge of the wood. As a result, these tables make a bold statement in luxury interiors.


    To ensure durability and ease of maintenance, Rivertables are finished with hardwax oils. This protective coating not only enhances the natural beauty of the wood but also provides a surface that can be easily maintained. The combination of the stunning aesthetics and practicality of these tables makes them a desirable choice for those seeking statement furniture for their upscale interiors.


    No two Rivertables are alike, as each piece of wood contains its own unique markings, knots, and imperfections. We embrace and celebrate these natural variations, as they add to the charm and individuality of each Rivertable. Our commitment to sustainability means that we source our timber responsibly, ensuring that every piece used in our furniture has been ethically and environmentally sourced.


    Whether as a centerpiece in your living room, a statement piece in a luxury hotel suite, or a focal point in a commercial space, a Rivertable is sure to captivate and enhance any interior. Experience the beauty and artistry of our Rivertables – a true testament to the exquisite nature of timber.


    Quality is at the core of everything we deliver from product through to packing, you won't be disappointed. We set exceptionally high standards and our reviews are a reflection of this.