Wooden Sample Pack | Colour Sample Pack


+ Made using our offcuts from the workshop
+ Sustainable samples
+ All 7 finishes supplied
+ Providing a real example of our finishes
+ Supporting our 0% wood waste policy


Sometimes seeing as picture doesn’t tell the full picture of how a finished product may end up looking within your environment.

These wooden samples are perfect if you need help deciding on the finish or are trying to match existing furniture.

The Samples
As a business we try to be as sustainable as we can so all samples are made from our offcut timber. This means your samples may vary in size however will still be big enough to give you a good idea of the overall finish. When finished, why not hand them over to any friends or family who may be interested 🙂

What’s Included
1 x wooden sample of each of our 7 finishes. Each one will be labelled clearly with marker pen on one side.

Quality is at the core of everything we deliver from product through to packing, you won't be disappointed. We set exceptionally high standards and our reviews are a reflection of this.